Vangardio® Luxury Accesories Thermal Cat Mat Bundle Set

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Thermal Mat Box

Vangardio®Luxury Pet Accessories

Vangardio® is leading manufacturer and designer of pet luxury accessories. Currently selling exclusively on, Vangardio® is focused on top quality, safety and ecologically materials for you pet comfort. For a limited time we are offering a special launch discount for the Thermal Heated Pad for cats. Just use coupon PETWORLD for an extra 10% discount.

Thermal Mat Box

Aerospace industry grade materials to reflect body heat

Provides soothing comfort for cats and small dogs. It is ideal in cold seasons or for ageing cats, recovering from illness or injury. The Vangardio® Thermal Pad Mat is an economical solution for having a self-heated sleeping mat for your beloved pet without batteries or electricity. The mat insert is made from same material used in aerospace industry and reflects your pet's body heat back to stay warm and comfy.

Velvet soft outside: washable and anti-slip

The mat outside is velvet soft and it is a washable both manually or machine wash. It keeps hair off your sofa or bed and is guaranteed to last for your pet joy. It is also slip free with flexible polypropylene grip base guaranteed to last no matter what.

Washable Cat Pad

Product highlights

Just make your cat meeeeeeow!

Anti Slip

You don't have to worry, Vangardio® Thermal Pad Mat won't slip or break.

NO Wires

No need for electricity or batteries, our technology just uses body heat.

Washable Cover

The pad also came with a faux sheepskin cover - easily removable and washable.

Eco Materials

The velvety material is soft, breathable and ecological for pet happiness.

Ecological materials


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